Friday, February 25, 2011

A Brief Intermission

        I realize that nearly an entire year had passed between my true international episodes but like with many things in life you must always be able to fund your passions. That, and I needed to complete my degree by pushing my way through a horrendous final semester; four fourth year honours level English courses and a nice and light physical education course, thankfully. Just as soon as I had began diving into Virginia Woolf, who can not only be mentally exhausting after a few pages but who wasn’t havin’ any of it, I was conned, rather, slightly coerced into another adventure. Next stop, Caribbean!
                The week long adventure was exactly what had been expected, an open trough with equally open gullets. The six of us, drowned  in liquor, were victimized by not only but the scorching sun but by our very poisons. We were either backed up or found ourselves telling others to back out. Our fair Canadian skin was no match for such a climate; I can only imagine it must have looked like watching beached fish being baked under the relentless sun. But no less, we made our way to the Disco every night with, would you imagine, other Canadians! We finally realized we could have paid much less for an equally enjoyable experience, minus the weather of course. This is no way deterred us from going. I, in no way regret falling into Seebs’ debt as it became one of the most memorable weeks of my life. Money well spent if you ask me.

My travel philosophy is as such; justify whatever it is you desire to do. Whether it be for school or sheer pleasure, have a reason for jumping aboard a plan, train or automobile. My thoughts on our trip to The Dominican Republic was this; who knows when I will endure this type of experience with this grand group of lads? It was our final year of a collection of semesters spanning over four years. Jason, these are the guys you will share a beer with for the rest of your life so why not get a nice sun burn while you are at it?
The rest of my year was dull in comparison to these adventures but off in the horizon I could barely make out another ship, slowly making her way into the harbour.  My ticket had been booked long before, while I was still in the United Kingdom actually. This planning finally led me to Mike Johnson and thank the Lord for him as he made my next OE, overseas experience as Kiwis say, very easy. Oh if you haven’t caught on yet or if you have been living under a rock, I would be departing for New Zealand, a tranquil land..oh wait, I think the house just shook.

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